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Small Business Loans Guaranteed No Hard Inquiries

Want to Expand Your Business and Need a Small Business Loan? TopMark Funding Can Help! #1 Rated Commercial Financing Company. Don’t Wait! Get Pre-Approved Today. Helping Business Owners Like You Grow Your Business and Increase Your Revenue!

  • Best Rates & Fast Funding
  • No Minimum FICO
  • Must be at least 12 Months as an Established Business
  • Minimum Monthly Gross Sales of $35,000
  • Guaranteed No Hard Inquiries
  • Get Pre-Approved Today!

Need a Small Business Loan? We're Here to Help You Grow Your Business

Cash is King to a Business  

Having cash available at a moment’s need is critical for the survival and growth of your business.

At TopMark Funding® we understand this. So we have flexible and affordable Business LoansWorking Capital Solutions, Lines of Credit, and Merchant Cash Advance solutions.

All companies, big or small, go through times that require cash on hand. Whether it’s to purchase more raw materials, recruit talent, market their products, get them through a high payroll period, handle an unexpected maintenance issue, or just take care of everyday business expenses needed to sustain and grow… Often a business may find itself requiring fast cash on hand.

Due to those factors, over 70% of all small businesses apply for business loans at one point or another.

Unfortunately, 40% get turned down by their local bank. This is due to credit concerns, limited time in business, industry type, and more.

In addition to having a higher approval rate than traditional banks, TopMark has cost-effective business loans with flexible terms.  With our Business Loans, Working Capital, or Merchant Cash Advances we have no required FICO score. We only require 6 months to 1 year of time in business.  We here at TopMark have solutions for almost all industries!

If you need quick cash (Short-Term Business Loan) to get you through an unplanned business expense or an open Line of Credit to be your long-term capital solution for growth, we have the product for you at profitable terms that work for your business.

Apply today for a free, no-obligation business loan quote. Our application process is straightforward, fast, and easy. Don’t worry– we do a soft inquiry on your credit. No hard inquiries and no negative impact on your personal or business credit score.

Get a Free no-obligation quote. Get pre-approved in minutes. Click the “Get Started Today” button!

Top Rated Business Financing Company What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

At TopMark Funding your satisfaction is our top priority. With decades of business financing experience, we know how important it is to deliver a great customer experience. Check out our reviews from our amazing customers.

Our Process is Quick & Easy! Get Pre-Approved Today

Making smart choices with small business financing is crucial to any company. Having up-to-date equipment to optimize efficiency and stay in compliance with regulations is vital to a company’s growth and sustainability. We’ve made the funding process quick and easy so you can get funded fast.

  1. Apply Online: Click the “Get Pre-Approved Today” button. Fill out the contact form and one of our funding specialists will call you ASAP! For immediate assistance give us a call at (866) 627-6644
  2. Select a Solution: A funding specialist will contact you to go over your funding and business needs. We want to understand your needs to find the best solution for your objectives.
  3. Review Documents: Once we have determined the best finance solution for you and your business, documents are generated and then emailed for review and signature. An electronic signature is acceptable on most documents.
  4. Get Funded: After the signed contract is returned, we’ll process your documents. Most transactions fund within 1 – 3 days.

Get Pre-Approved – Click the Get Pre-Approve Button Below to get started today. Get pre-approved in minutes. Unlike our competitors, we only do a soft credit pull and guarantee not to hurt your business or personal credit score.

Small Business Loans Solutions We're Your Business Finance Partner

Business Loan Products

✔ Short-Term Working Capital Loans

✔ Short-Term Business Loans

✔ Merchant Cash Advance Loans

✔ Traditional Business Loans

✔ Business Line of Credit

✔ Vehicle & Equipment Finance

Benefits Partnering With Us

✔ Flexible & Affordable Terms

✔ Application & Bank Statement Only Approval Process

✔ Same Day Approvals and Next Day Fundings*

✔ Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Payments Available

✔ Only 6 Month Time in Business Needed

✔ Only $10,000 Monthly Minimum Revenue Needed

Get a Free no-obligation quote. Get pre-approved in minutes. Click the “Get Started Today” To Get Pre-Approved Today!

Apply today for a free no-obligation business loan quote. Our application process is straight forward, fast, and easy. Don’t worry we do a soft inquiry on your credit. No hard inquiries and no negative impact on your personal or business credit score.