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Partner With TopMark Funding Sell More Trucks!

Partner With TopMark Funding In 3 Easy Steps

Get Started

Contact Your TopMark Funding Specialist. Learn How We Can Help You Sell More Semi Trucks & Equipment

Refer Customers

Let Us Help You Sell More Trucks & Equipment By Providng Customers With Fast, Flexible Financing.

Sell More Equipment

A Relationship With TopMark Funding Will Allow You To Sell More Units And Increase Revenue.

How Can TopMark Funding Benefit You

  1. We are Experts in Truck Financing. TopMark Funding® can get these deals done.
  2. We do a soft credit pull, which does not negatively impact your customer’s credit.
  3. We understand how to place all your customer’s financing needs at competitive
  4. We understand the marketplace perfectly, so we approach your customer’s financing
    needs with precision and a strategic plan

We Are Able to Finance Significantly More Units For Your Customers

  1. Allowing your customers to grow their fleet to a meaningful size without the
    negative impact that multiple credit inquiries have; and
  2. More important, understanding the strategy of how to place their financing
    needs in order to maximize the number of trucks & trailers you can sell to them

What does this mean?  You can sell more semi-trucks! A lot more!

Sell More Equipment and Semi Trucks

Let us show you how a working relationship with TopMark Funding® can help move inventory and increase revenue. Turn your growing customers over to TopMark early in the process and allow us to strategically place all of their Financing needs.

Keep Customer Satisfied

Not only do your clients receive the best pricing available, guaranteed, but our staff of funding professionals also provides white-glove service. Rest assured, we’ll treat your customers like you would treat them.

What to Expect

TopMark Funding® understands that securing financing can often be the final step in securing a sale. We will work with you and your sales team to understand your sales process and your product. Our commitment is to develop a financing program that fits your needs and works seamlessly within your business and sales process.  Our goal is for you to feel like we are another leg of your Team, without the overhead cost of our provided extended bandwidth.

Top Rated Truck Financing Company What Our Customers Are Saying

At TopMark Funding your satisfaction is our top priority. With decades of commercial trucking experience, we know how important it is to deliver a great customer experience. We promise to get you a great truck financing deal funded as quickly as possible. Check out our reviews from our amazing customers.