Dealer Program

Want to sell more equipment and give your customers a better commercial truck financing experience? TopMark Funding can help! When you join our dealer program you gain access to our team of industry experts and over 25 funding sources.

Sell More Trucks & Increase Your Profits

Greater Customer Retention

Dedicated Account Executive

Serving All Credit Profiles

Faster Approval Process

Same Day Funding

What We Do

TopMark Funding partners with commercial truck and vehicle dealerships as an outsourced finance office working to source financing for customers seeking fund their vehicle purchase. TopMark specializes in commercial truck and vehicle space and understands both the customers’ needs and the equipment well.

We pride ourselves on being a long-term financial partner for your dealership. We have excellent underwriting and placement practices that ensure customers’ credit is preserved during the approval process.

We are experts at placing customers into quality programs while maintaining their credit and ability to buy. We are a competitive solution for top tier credit customers and understand the credit road map related to maximizing a customer’s ultimate purchasing power. 

Benefit Of Our Dealer Program

Close More Deals

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Increase Your Profits

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Greater Customer Retention

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25+ Funding Sources

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Simple Application Process

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Fast Approval Process

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Our Approach

We understand that no two dealerships or customers are alike. We approach each transaction as an opportunity to deepen our relationship with you, your dealership, and the customer. Upon applying for financing with TopMark Funding your customers are assigned a business funding specialist. Your business funding specialist will take the time to understand the customer’s transaction, credit, and funding needs. Ensuring your customers understand the value that financing can bring to their business is an important part of our consultative approach.

We assist your customers in making sound financial decisions based on evaluating the entire financial picture working hard to locate for them the capital they need to make their purchase at competitive terms and in a manner which helps to ensure their credit rating is maintained and that they will be able to continue to purchase using their credit in the future as new needs arise. 

We do this by understanding the customer growth road map as it relates to financing and using that to navigate and avoid exposure issues that can otherwise limit a customer’s buying power. We are transparent with our process and provide an experience where customers are excited to do business again. We enable our process through cutting edge systems and technology and work to make our Dealership partners transactions simpler, so they spend more time selling trucks, and less time dealing with the hassle related to getting customers approved for financing. We take the work out of financing!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Done it right. Impressive services!

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    Done it right. Impressive services!
    Dennise King
    Landmark Corporation
  • A competitively priced and professional service

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    A competitively priced and professional service
    Robert Gill
    Vice President
    Wheel Spain Ltd
  • We would recommend them thoroughly!

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    We would recommend them thoroughly!
    Juli Smith
    County Road Association

More than a “Broker”

“Broker” is not a 4-letter word and every dealer needs one if you want to sell more units. It’s a competitive industry and most dealers have been burned at least once by a bad broker. Here’s what TopMark does differently.

  • Soft Credit Inquiry – 100% of the time when we first look at a deal it is truly a soft inquiry and will never show on their credit report. There may or may not be a hard inquiry at the time of submission, but you and your customer will already be aware of and agreeable to a structure before it gets that far. They will never be “shotgunned” around and marked up with inquiries.
  • Brokered Deals vs. Bank Lines – while we do have traditional “broker” relationships with several funding sources, 85%+ of deals we fund are done on bank lines. This means we are essentially underwriting the deal ourselves; we use and create our own documents to both you and your customer, the deals flow A LOT faster because we have the freedom to do things ourselves vs. waiting on another company.
  • Speed – because we are doing our own docs and underwriting 85%+ of our deals, we’ve funded deals the day after receiving the application. This does not happen on all transactions but is very possible for motivated parties.
  • Protect You from Shoppers – we have all dealt with that customer that once they hear they can get approved they can sometimes feel it’s an invitation to shop. We will never let a customer send us a purchase from another dealer. If a customer even mentions a unit at a different dealership, our first priority is to ask why they are shopping. Rather it’s price, miles, or they feel they’ve found a “better deal”, we explain that our offer is good at your dealership only, then we are immediately contacting you to let you know the customer wants to shop and why. This hopefully gives you a chance to save your deal and more often than not, the customer and dealer find a way to make it work. We have walked away from countless approvable deals for this reason. Our relationships with our dealer partners are way more important than anyone deal.
  • Sell More Units – because we take the time to understand the current and future needs of your customer, we are able to structure loans in a manner that keeps the deal from blowing up due to exposure concerns. Every lender has its limits and comfort levels when it comes to rapidly expanding companies. TopMark understands that and our funding partners perfectly, enabling us to do multiple units and or multiple transactions for you and your customer
  • Ability to pull Paynet – almost every dealer we’ve encountered has had a deal blow up due to issues on PayNet. TopMark has the ability and does pull PayNet when and where needed to ensure we are setting the best possible expectations with both you and your customer