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DealerLinc is a new commercial vehicle financing system provided exclusively by TopMark Funding. DealerLinc simplifies and streamlines the application, approval, and funding process. It provides your dealership with the ability to get more customers financed and sell more trucks! When you join our dealer program you gain access to TopMark’s team of industry experts, over 25 funding sources, and our proprietary software allowing you to accelerate the finance process. Get access to DEALERLINC now!

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Dealer Partners

Dealer Program

TopMark Funding partners with commercial truck and vehicle dealerships as an outsourced finance office working to source financing for customers seeking to fund their vehicle purchases. TopMark specializes in the commercial truck and vehicle space and understands both the customers’ needs and the equipment well.

We pride ourselves on being a long-term financial partner for your dealership. We have excellent underwriting and placement practices that ensure your customers’ credit is preserved during the approval process.

We are experts at placing customers into quality programs while maintaining their credit and their ability to buy. We are a competitive solution for top tier credit customers and understand the credit road map related to maximizing a customer’s ultimate purchasing power.


Our Approach

We understand that no two dealerships or customers are alike. We approach each transaction as an opportunity to deepen our relationship with you, your dealership, and the customer. Upon applying for financing with TopMark Funding, your customers are assigned a business funding specialist. Your business funding specialist will take the time to understand the transaction and the customer’s credit and financing needs. Ensuring your customers understand the value that financing can bring to their business is an important part of our consultative approach.

We assist your customers in making sound financial decisions based on their entire financial picture, working hard to locate the capital they need to make their purchase at competitive terms and in a manner that helps to ensure their credit rating is maintained. This ensures that they will be able to continue to purchase using their credit in the future as new needs arise. 

We increase the customers buying power by understanding the customer growth road map as it relates to financing and using that to avoid exposure issues that can otherwise limit a customer’s buying power. We are transparent with our process and provide an experience where customers are excited to do business again.


Close More Deals

Increase Your Profits

Excellent Communication

Great Customer Service

Fast Approval and Funding Process

25+ Programs for Great Customers


When you start working with TopMark, “Broker” will not be a 4-letter word anymore. Every dealer needs a broker if they want to sell more units. Working with the top broker in the commercial vehicle space will provide you with significantly more value. Here’s what TopMark Funding does differently:

  • Soft Credit Inquiry– 100% of the time when TopMark first reviews your customer’s credit on a transaction, the credit pull is truly a soft inquiry that will not show up on your customer’s credit report. There may or may not be a hard inquiry at the time of final submission, and both you and your customer will be aware of this.  All parties will have already agreed to the structure of the transaction before this occurs. Working with TopMark your customer’s credit will never be “shot-gunned” to multiple lenders incurring hard inquiries and damaging their credit.
  • Brokered Transactions vs. Bank Lines– While TopMark does maintain traditional “broker” relationships with several funding sources, over 90% of the transactions we fund are funded on bank lines. This means TopMark is reviewing, underwriting, and documenting the transaction. This allows the transaction to move A LOT FASTER because we have the freedom to do things ourselves vs. waiting on another company to do them.
  • Speed– In most transactions, TopMark controls the underwriting and documentation process. This allows transactions to move quickly. We have funded transactions the day following receipt of the initial application. TopMark is committed to working to secure financing for your customers quickly.
  • Protect Your Customers– When working with TopMark your customer’s transaction is your transaction. The approvals we issue on the transactions you show us are for use by the customer at your dealership.
  • Sell More Units– We take the time to understand the current and future needs of customers. We are able to structure financing in a manner that keeps the transaction from being eliminated due to exposure concerns which can result in unexpected declines when not properly understood or disclosed. Every lender has its own limits and comfort levels when it comes to a customer’s business growth and rapid expansion of their fleet. TopMark works to understand the customer’s needs now, and in the future, so that we can best address our funding partners’ various exposure limits. This enables us to fund more units for you and your customer as they grow.
  • PayNet– PayNet is increasingly becoming an important credit review tool used by funding sources when approving transactions. Most brokers do not have access to PayNet or understand this tool. This limits the typical broker’s ability to properly place transactions and set appropriate pricing expectations with the customer. This can result in unexpected declines, additional credit pulls, slow and chaotic transactions, pricing adjustments, poor customer experience, and quite often… lost sales.  Almost every dealer has had an experience where a broker lost the dealer’s sale due to an unexpected decline and poor pricing expectations set with the customer which could have been avoided upfront if the broker understood the growing importance of PayNet. TopMark understands PayNet and uses it when and where needed. We can ensure that expectations are being set appropriately for both you and your customer the first-time terms are discussed.  We work to give your customer a great experience and a smooth transaction so the sales you close funds as expected.