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AUTHORIZATION: By typing my name in the digital signature filed above, I hereby, (i) certify that the information provided in this lease application is true and correct, (ii) authorize Top Mark Funding and any assignee, lending or funding partner that may be involved in the funding process to obtain and verify all credit information provided in this application including bank, personal credit and trade references, (iii) authorize TopMark Funding and lending or funding partners to obtain credit reports in connection with this application or reviews of the applicant’s account from time to time, (iv) understand that my individual credit history may be a factor in the evaluation of the credit worthiness of the applicant, (v) acknowledge that prior to the disbursement of any funds, Top Mark Funding may re-verify all credit, bank and trade reference information to ensure there has been no deterioration in credit, (vi) certify that this request is for business and not consumer purposes.